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What make the Thai food so rich in flavour?

Author : seoadmin Date :January 20, 2017

There is something unique about Thai cuisine is that it offers many wonderful flavours. You can try out the flavoursome Thai dishes when dining at the best Thai restaurant, where the colours and textures of the food enhance the overall dining experience. If you are looking for the right places to eat in London, visiting Thai Square Restaurant, the best Thai restaurant in London, is the perfect way to expand your palate.

For those who are interested in understanding more about what have been used to make Thai food rich in flavour, here are 6 essential Thai ingredients that are always used in making the tasty Thai dishes.

  1. Chilies

Mostly used in curries, the fresh, dried chilies add the spiciness to Thai dishes. You’ll find cayenne chilies used in many curries such as Massaman curry. The chilies come in red or green varieties and have been a staple in Thai cooking for centuries.

  1. Coconut Milk

Popular in Thai curries and some other Thai dishes, coconut milk comes from the grated flesh of the ripe nuts. Many restaurants tend to use canned coconut milk, and a small amount of coconut milk can already boost the flavour and provides a delicious taste to the dishes.

  1. Glutinous

It is also called as sticky rice or khao niao in Northern Thailand, commonly served in a special bamboo container, named as kratip khao. You will find that Glutinous rice can be used to create many delicious food as it is a common ingredients in both savoury and sweet Thai dishes.

  1. Black Pepper

Because chilies was not introduced into Thailand until the 16th century, black pepper was the original ingredient used to add spiciness to the food instead. You’ll still find black pepper used in many marinades for grilled beef or chicken which adds to the taste. It’s still very popular to flavour the meals in different places to eat in London.

  1. Limes

The juice from the limes adds a tart flavour that provides a lightness to salads, fried rice, and grilled meats. In addition to the juice, the leaves from the limes are often used for soups which provides them with a zesty touch.

  1. Fresh herbs

It should come as no surprise that the best Thai restaurant will flavour many of their dishes with fresh herbs, such as cilantro. In addition, there are meals that use Thai basil and mint for additional flavouring along with coriander that comes from Vietnam.

There are other numerous Thai ingredients added in the process of making different tasty Thai dishes. Book your table at Thai Square Restaurant now. We are one of the best places to eat in London, serving the flavoursome and genuine Thai dishes. Our Thai ingredients are all imported from Thailand daily to make sure that our food are freshly made. Also, do not forget to check out our website, why not take advantage of our best London restaurant deals to treat yourself and your family with exquisite Thai meal at the finest Thai restaurant in London.

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What do you know about Thai Curries?

Author : seoadmin Date :January 20, 2017

Thai curry is one of the most popular dish in Thai cuisine which is made of different curry pastes. Interestingly, the Thai curry dishes are mostly named after their colours. Thai curries are normally made from traditional ingredients that can be found in Thailand, including turmeric, hot chilies cumin and many other spices. People who would like to have the unique and genuine taste of the Thai curry dishes, they must visit Thai Square Restaurant, which is reputed as the best Thai restaurant, London.


Types of Thai Curries That are Predominant in the UK


The Green Sweet Curry


Thai Green Curry stands out as the hottest but sweetest curry of all the Thai curries. It is originated from Central Thailand where Eggplants and Green chilies are blended in a green curry sauce for people to enjoy. Some of the chief ingredients that are used in making of the Green Sweet Curry include green chilies, blue ginger, Karachi, garlic and turmeric among many other ingredients that add to the unique and tantalizing flavour to the dish. If you would like to have a bite of it, consider visiting Thai Square Restaurant, one of the best places to eat in London.


The Aromatic Red Curry


Nicknamed as spicy curry, it is also originated from central Thailand. The large amount of red chilies used in making this curry dish is what makes it has the red-coloured appearance. There are other spices like the crushed garlic, shallots, Lemongrass and blue ginger, etc. used as well. The mixture of these spices leads to an aromatic curry that is more delicious and soothing especially when served with other Thai Traditional dishes and drinks to supplement it.


The Special Panang Curry


Panang Curry is a special type of Thai red curry that is  originated from Laos, one of the local rural places in Thailand but it is now predominant in the modern cities of Thailand as well as outside Thailand.

It is salty and sweet, with a rich flavour of peanut. Unlike the others, this Thai Curry is made of dried chilies, shrimp paste, coconut milk, lemongrass, blue ginger, peanuts and shallots. The curry paste is added to make it unique and distinct, which cannot be felt in other types of Thai curries. Panang Curry always makes people salivate due to its tantalizing aroma.


An intriguing fact is that some of the prominent Thai curries are in fact influenced by other countries nearby. For example, the Massaman curry, which is considered as the relatively mild Thai curry dish in terms of spiciness, is rumored to be an alteration of a Persian dish. Khao Soi is a Burmese-influenced dish that can be found in Northern Thailand.


If you fancy some of the tasty Thai curry dishes, you must come and visit Thai Square Restaurant in London. We are one of the best restaurants in London, and our chefs are devoted to serve authentic and flavoursome Thai cuisine to all of our guests. You will only expect to have the unforgettable dining experience with us here at Thai Square Restaurants.

Do not hesitate and book your table now!

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Thai Ingredients 101

Author : seoadmin Date :December 12, 2016

I am sure that we all love going to Thai Restaurant for delicious Thai dishes, but we most likely order the same one over and over, because we are really not sure which others on the menu we would like. It most likely is because of the names of the dishes that baffle us and do not know what they mean.

For example, do you know what Tom Kaa Gai means or Gaeng Daeng means? If you do, then you have probably ordered it already, or know what the actual words mean, which sets you apart from most of us.

Here is a list of the most basic Thai food ingredients for your comparison that you can take along with at the next Thai restaurant near me excursion or possibly you received news about the great Thai London restaurant deals.

Rice & Noodles

A thick rice noodle is “Sen Yai” where a thin clear rice noodle is “Sen me”. With rice, it is about the same normal rice is “Kow”, black sticky rice is “Kow niao dum”, sticky rice is “Kow niao” and steamed rice or “Kow niao nung”.

Meats & Sea Food

Fish equates to on your normal Thai menu to “Pla or Bla” and shrimp is “Goong” whereas squid is “Pla Muek”. Beef is “New-uh or Neu-uh” and chicken is normally “Gai” and pork is “Moo”. Keep in mind that almost all dishes on a menu are going to be combined together.

Salads & Spices

A normal salad is usually simply salad or “salat” and a spicy salad equates to “yum”. Coconut milk is “Gati”, regular milk is “Nom or nom nom” and coconut is “Mapraw”. Spices are plenty in Thai dishes, especially when they are used to make a great Massaman curry or “Kaeng masan” or sometimes curry is “Gang”.

Normal spices are ginger “King”, chili peppers “Prig” and morning glory is “Boong”. Other could be egg is “Ky or kai”, bean sprouts are “Tua ngoh”, banana is “Gluay”, apple is “Appun” and orange is “Sum”. Some other things you may see are onion is “Hom”, corn is “Kowl pod”, a mushroom is “Hed” and mango is “Mumuang”.

Hot & Cold

We all know that spice is life when it comes to Thai food and here are the top few that you should know when ordering according to spicy desires. Normal spicy is “pet or ped”, really spicy is “ped-ped” and super spicy to blow your head off is “Ped silop si ly”. For sweet you have “Wan”, sour “Prio”, bitter “Kom” and salty is “Kem”.

If you want water simply order “nam”, but if you want ice ask for “Nam kaang”. If you desire a hot beverage say “Ron” and cold “Yen”.

It may look daunting but is not really, once you understand what you are asking for. So if you desire Kaeng Masan or Massaman curry, ask for it by name. The next time you get one of the great Thai London restaurant deals or if you are often asking what’s on the menu at the Thai restaurant near me, hope this helps. Get your Thai on!

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