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Interesting Culinary facts related to Thailand

Author : oiadmin Date :October 20, 2014

Undoubtedly, the whole world recognizes Thailand as a land of culinary and scenic splendor. But not many are aware that Thailand is a lot more than that. Well, interestingly Thailand basically constitutes mainly of six geographical regions which usually range from North to south but, interestingly from the culinary point of view, there are primarily four different food regions which are Northern, Northeastern, Center, and Southern.

Then of course, these world renowned Thai Cuisines comprise of a long list:


Thai Snack /Appetizers/Deep Fried:

It mainly ranges from Thai Style Chicken Wings and Spring Rolls etc.


Thai Salad/Yum:

This genre of food constitutes of Green Papaya & Seafood Salad, Shrimp Salad and so forth.


Individual Dish/Stir-Fries/One Dish:

Well, this is one of the globally popular Thai food category which includes cushion Thai, Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Gravy, BBQ pork with Stream Rice, Fried Rice with meat and Shrimp-Paste and so on.


Noodles & Rice and Rice Vermicelli:

As the name says it all it comprises of rice Vermicelli with Green Curry and Chiang Mai Noodles Curry and so forth



This is again one of the trademark of the Thai foods world over and constitutes of Tom Yum Soup, Chicken and Galangal in Coconut Milk Soup, Massaman Curry, Red Curry, Fried crab in yellow curry etc.


Thai Spicy Dip (Naam Prik)

Singed Mackerel with Shrimp Paste Sauce, Spicy Tomato Dipping Sauce and Chili Paste and so on.


Thai Desserts

Quickly gaining popularity worldwide, Thai desserts are sought after everywhere. Most commonly known Thai desserts are Mango and Sticky rice, Taro Balls in Coconut Cream, Thai Pumpkin Custards etc.


Thai Fruit Drink/ Tea & Coffee

Not far behind in popularity Thai beverages have carved a niche for themselves across the globe. Most favorite ones include Fresh Water Melon Juice, Thai Ice Tea and Coffee Drink and so on.



Commercial Thai Paste or Ready to Cook Package

These are prepackage with all add-ins combined all, prepared for you to cook. It is advantageous, sparing you time and comparatively simpler to cook.



Cookware is indeed the key to cooking authentic and mouth watering Thai cuisines. Some of the best cookwares include Thai Stone Mortar and Pestle, Sticky Rice Steamer Basket etc.


Thai Hot Pot Soup Bowl

The hot pot soup dish is meant for numerous types of soups like Tom Yum Soup or Chicken and Galangal in Coconut Milk Soup etc.


Thai Table Setting:

People sit together as family and serve all the food items at the same time. They utilize forks and spoons to eat the food and interestingly in the Northern and Northeastern areas especially when eating with “Sticky Rice”, the Thai usually eat with their hands.

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How strong is your Thai cooking vocabulary?

Author : oiadmin Date :October 16, 2014

Well, undeniably most people around the world relish Thai cuisines simply for the fact that it is the marriage between the flavors of sweet and spicy. Besides that it is also true that dining at a Thai restaurant is a whole lot different experience than attempting to cook, ‘foreign food’. But this notion can easily be altered if you understand or are familiar with basic vocabulary of Thai culinary terms and ingredients.

If you are a Thai food lover then it is always worth understanding the basic ingredients to many delectable Thai dishes. Apart from that you can even conquer your fears of experimenting with Thai cooking and master numerous recipes to serve your family and friends. Getting to know the basics is not that difficult, and practicing what you learn can always be fun!

Ingredient Information

As far as the ingredients are concerned, not everyone is savvy with them. Also the grocery stores in US and UK do not always offer the common Thai recipe ingredients to the buyer, especially in a more conservative area of the country. So, a visit to a larger city, or probably an Asian specialty shop, might be handy. Although a majority of these food items are available mainly as a fresh product, other items, such as fish sauce or soy sauce, can be bought off the shelf and stored properly.

Review of the Thai Ingredients

1. Cilantro- an herb that immensely improves the flavoring of many dishes. In Thai cooking it is the root which is preferred. The whole cilantro plant, with root attached, is easily available in a lot of Asian markets.

2. Coconut- coconuts can be found in loads at almost all supermarkets. Coconut water is recognized for its health benefits, the white coconut meat found inside the shell is grated and added to dishes. Besides that coconut milk is also used in a recipe.

3. Curry Paste- Curry paste is readily available in supermarket stores apart from other Asian ingredients for creating Chinese or Thai recipes. It is normally seen in a ‘red’ or ‘green’ form in the market. Curry paste is basically a mixture of various ingredients such as garlic, onion, galangal, coriander and lemongrass.

4. Fish Sauce- It is actually an extract of fermented fish and sea salt. The longer the duration of the fermentation process, the more nutty and savory, the flavor.

5. Ginger root- It is indeed a plant utilized for flavoring purposes in Thai cuisines and rendering health benefits like relief from an upset stomach, for aesthetic purposes. Fresh ginger should always be given preference over a powdered version.

6. Lemon Grass- It is primarily a grass that grown in Southeast Asia and added to a huge range of dishes and teas for flavoring.

7. Thai Chillies- Thai Chillies are quite small looking but are immensely effective in adding heat to cuisines. The unripe chillies remain green, but transform into red after ripening.

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Overview of the Thai desserts served at the grand ceremonies

Author : oiadmin Date :October 15, 2014

Is it that you long to get married in traditional Thai style wedding? Well, the fact is that the concept of such a wedding is pretty similar to that in the other countries. But at the same time the most intriguing piece of Thai conventional wedding is desserts. Not only that but you’ll be surprised to learn that there are 7 desserts that are considered a sign of good omen at the time when a groom propose a bride. (Dessert implies Khanom in Thai language)

Interestingly, the chief ingredients in Thai desserts are eggs, where usually the yokes, sugar, fresh coconut milk and rice flour are used. Whereas baked Thai Desserts constitute its main ingredients as rice flour, sugar and some secret ingredient. Also majority of the desserts comprise of beautiful name like Thong Yip (Thong = Gold, Yip= Grant, Get), Thong Yod (Yod = drop). These desserts have since time immemorial been served in the grand ceremonies or some of them (like Jan Mongkut) even at the royal families or VIP guests in the past. Besides, nowadays such deserts cannot be commonly or easily found in the market.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most sought after Thai deserts which have been served at the lavish ceremonies:


Thong Yip

It basically means getting rich by gold i.e wealth in Thai. It is primarily made up of yolks from duck’s eggs, coconut milk then boiled in syrup. The flower shape is acquired by using finger tips. Also when it is prepared well, Yip would never smell of yolks or eggs besides having a sweet taste.

Thong Yod

This name refers to unending wealth, getting richer and sustaining wealth. The main ingredients are similar to the ones in Thong Yip but the cooking procedure and shape formation are different. This desert mostly possess a teardrop – shape.


Foy Thong

It basically means long lasting love and good fortune due to its golden noodles which are a symbol of positive, long-lasting love. Then of course it has a very good taste.


Sa Neh Chan

It’s name represents charming, loving and attractive. Its basic ingredients range from flesh coconut milk, eggs, rice flour and Chan herb.


Thong Ake

This desert holds special significance for the bride and groom as it means faithful. The basic ingredients include eggs, coconut milk and flour.


Khanom Chan or Thai Layer Cake

It actually means advancement in career and consistent success. Its taste is very nice and pleasant!!


Jah Mongkut

It infers to superiority like a King as Mongkut means crown in Thai. Therefore, in the past this dessert was exclusively served to the Royal family. And even now it’s quite rarely available in the market.

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