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Trendy and authentic Thai Dining in London – Thai Square Restaurants

Author : oiadmin Date :October 5, 2016

There are so many different cuisines around the world and each one has its own individual place. Food belonging to different countries across the globe is impacted by its culture. One of the most culturally oriented cuisines is Thai cuisine.

Thai food is enjoyed by people all over the world. It is very popular for its unique blend of spices and various kinds of delicious curries. Thai cuisine is quite vibrant, and traditional recipes appeal to food lovers. Parts of Thai food has originated from Islamic culture so the use of chicken and beef is more common. However, cooking of Thai food was adopted by many different cultures belonging to different countries. Therefore, this particular cuisine has experienced a lot of innovation as well.

Authentic Thai Experience

Thai food is commonly available in most countries. Some restaurants distinctly feature a Thai menu while others offer it just as part of the menu. Regardless, Thai food has been constantly appreciated.

Some people have a very good eye for food and they know what it feels like to have an authentic Thai experience. Real Thai food is all about the essence of Thai culture and traditions. As the cuisine found its way across the globe, it is obvious that it lost its originality at some places. Innovation has positive results but real food enthusiasts still respect the original and authentic Thai cuisine.

Thai Food in London

There are a lot of restaurants in London featuring quality Thai food but Thai Square is one of the most trendy Thai food restaurants in London. A name in authentic Thai dining, Thai Square falls into the list of best Thai restaurants London. If you happen to be London, you can search Thai restaurants near me to find the many different locations in London where Thai Square is offering an authentic Thai experience with ambience compatible with Thai traditions and culture.

Thai Square has been carrying on with a consistent performance which keeps its status as one of the best Thai restaurants in London intact. Among many Thai food restaurants in London, you will experience wonderful time at Thai Square with delicious dishes and beautiful Thai atmosphere.

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Visit Thai Square for Authentic Thai Dining in Covent Garden

Author : oiadmin Date :September 29, 2016

London is well known for the city’s historic events, landmarks and also the great food variety it offers in fact, London is known as a haven for foodies.

If you are an avid food lover, you are bound to be a fan of Thai food. London is home to the best Thai Restaurants in London. Thai Square is one of the leading restaurant chains in the city. From ambience, live Thai entertainment to authenticity of taste, everything is purely Thai. It is not just the delicious Thai food and the unique blend of ingredients and spices which has made it renowned amongst food enthusiasts, but the complete Thai experience one enjoys here.

Best Thai Restaurants In London

Offering eclectic and incredible Thai dishes, it is undoubtedly among the best Thai restaurants in London and has won a number of awards for its dedicated and excellent homage to Thai cuisine by their excellent service.

Thai cuisine is one of the most enjoyed cuisines in the world. True food lovers just can’t seem to get enough of Thai food and this Thai Restaurant London never fails to impress. Whether you like your food spicy or medium or mild, it caters to your taste buds efficiently without losing their traditional taste and unique spices.

The reason for being among the best Thai Restaurant London, is the splendid fresh taste of the Thai ingredients which are flown in daily from Thailand, so that you can get the authentic Thai taste in London. While savouring the delicious Thai food you will have a hard time believing that you are in London. This amazing Thai Restaurant London has surpassed others in paying attention to details so that the ambience and authentic taste of Thai food gives you a Thai experience worth recalling.

Thai Food Special Deals at Thai Square Covent Garden

Nestled in the Covent Garden, this Thai Square has a  sophisticated bar area opening into a vaulted, naturally lit dining room which leads to a small courtyard, this beautifully decorated restaurant is a stunning new addition to the Thai Square Group.

Always delivering the best to its customers one of the best Thai Restaurant London has some special deals for Thai food lovers in Thai Square Covent Garden. It is located in the heart of London’s theatre land, on Shaftesbury Avenue, close to Neal Street, Covent Garden. Enjoy 3 course Pre-theatre set menu £15.95 everyday between 17.30-19.00 and 22.00-23.00.

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Authentic Thai Food Restaurant in South Kensington

Author : oiadmin Date :September 19, 2016

Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the most appreciated cuisines around the world. Food enthusiasts are always looking for new food adventures and Thai cuisine is never disappointing in this regard. Thai cuisine is mostly known for its various types of curries and the boost of spice in every dish. Authentic Thai food is always a joy for the taste buds.

Thai Square in South Kensington

Thai Square is a well-known Thai restaurant which branches in and across London. The restaurant is very popular when it comes to serving authentic and quality Thai food.

Thai Square in South Kensington

London being a busy city where both locals and tourists are seen flocking the streets, shops and restaurants. Tourists are equally responsible for making London very lively. The food scene in this vibrant city is exceptionally attractive – there is a huge collection of cafes, restaurants and hotels that attract both locals and tourists alike.

As mentioned earlier, Thai food is a favourite among foodies and Thai Square restaurant in South Kensington has been welcoming locals and tourists to enjoy an authentic Thai experience for quite some time now. It is one of the best Thai food restaurants in South Kensington.

Thai Food

Thai food is delicious, mainly known for its different types of curries and spice but the whole experience can become flat if you can’t find the traditional Thai essence in the food. Thai Square has always been dedicated to making authentic Thai dishes. The ingredients are fresh and many of them are flown directly from Thailand. Spice is a main feature but to satisfy different types of guests, the restaurant provides an option of spice scale in their menus.



The interiors has been designed to replicate the rich culture of Thailand. You will find many artefacts that speak of Thailand. The red and golden hues give a warm outlook to the entire space.


The chefs and waiting staff are professional. The chefs ensure that each dish and every plate that is prepared is up to the mark and does not fail to delight the guests. The waiting staff serve the guests in a friendly way to make each person as comfortable as possible. Each person working at the Thai Square South Kensington restaurant has been trained to treat all guests in the best manner and execute the Thai etiquette adding to the positive experience.

Healthy Thai Food

Trying out new cuisines is an adventurous habit but not all cuisines are supposed to be good for your health. However, with Thai dishes that are a part of the menu at Thai Square, you don’t have to worry about any risk to your health, not only can you choose your own scale of spice but most of the dishes are low in fat and high in nutrients.

Healthy Thai Food

If you are trying Thai cuisine for the first time or just an existing fan, you must try the delicious Thai food served at Thai Square in South Kensington. This will be one of the best experiences you will have when it comes to South Kensington restaurants.

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