Are you looking for an exotic Thai Restaurant in London?

Indeed it is an amazing fact that people sometimes stay close to places where they can easily find authentic and delicious Thai cuisine. Why not, there is every reason for people to be excited and go crazy as Thai food oriented restaurants feature an extensive menu comprising of mind blowing appetizers, one of a kind soups, and delicious rice varieties along with numerous types of grilled cuisines and magnificent desserts.


Thai Square Restaurant


The above mentioned notion holds true for the Thai Square Restaurant which is popularly known for the best Thai food in London. The restaurant holds the distinction of constituting many specialties including Thai Shrimp Cake with Cucumber special Salad, and Seafood Salad with Fragrant Herbs. We even offer most comforting range of Thai soups to dispel the discomfort that cold climate brings along.  We have Spicy Mixed Seafood, Muang Thai Rice Soup and Thai Beef Noodle Soup in our offerings to name a few. Meanwhile, a visit to our cozy and ambience rich restaurant won’t be complete without trying some of its delectable main courses such as Garlic-Fried Chicken Wings, Massaman Curry enriched beef along with Sauteed Prawns with Basil.

The ambiance inside Thai Square Restaurant is really very nice and inviting thereby making us one of the all time hot favorite gathering places for families, friends, and even tourists. Apart from the mouth watering food, we also serve some very amazing beverages including nutritious fruit shakes, ice-cold beers, and nicely brewed coffee. Not to forget the desserts are an ultimate treat for customers as we offer delectable Ripe Mango in a deadly combination with Thai Halo-Halo and Sticky Rice. We also leave no stone unturned in keeping things special during festivals and even for this Christmas we have introduced exclusive Christmas menus for everyone to relish.

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