How to make the perfect Panang Curry at home?


Panang Curry, or also known as Phanaeng Curry, is one of the most popular Thai dishes in our Thai Square Restaurants, the best restaurants in London. It is a type of Thai red curry, characterised by its thickness and nutty peanut flavour. At Thai Square, you can enjoy the best authentic Panang Curry prepared with fresh ingredients imported daily from Thailand.


If you want to make this staple Thai dish at home, here’s a simple guide on how to make Panang Curry at home by yourself.


Ingredients Used in Panang Curry


Panang Curry is a spicy and creamy Thai curry dish. The ingredients used in making this curry include: coconut milk, Thai fish sauce, basil, red chilli, curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, roasted ground peanuts. This Thai dish is usually prepared with beef, yet, you are welcome to choose the type of meat that you would like to prepare with, such as pork fillet, lamb or chicken. Some people will replace the meat with tofu instead.


Flavour of Panang Curry


Panang Curry is known for its nutty flavour, which has distinguished it from other Thai curry dishes. It is very similar with Thai Red Curry, however, it is comparatively sweeter in taste. These flavours are further enhanced by the other ingredients used in making this dish, like fish sauce, red chilies.




Our Chefs at the best Thai restaurant in London has prepared a simple recipe, so that you can easily create this signature Thai dish at home alone. Check out the procedures below now:


  • First of all, put two cups of thick coconut milk in a wok or a frying pan. Leave aside about two tablespoons of the same as they will be used for garnishing once the dish is done.


  • Fry and periodically stir the coconut milk for about three to five minutes until the coconut oil begins separating out. Ensure that the heat is not too high so that the coconut milk does not burn or stick to the pan.


  • The next step is to add in the Panang curry paste, which you can easily get from grocery stores, and continue frying with the coconut milk for about two minutes.


  • After the Panang curry paste is well cooked, then add your choice of meat, whether beef, chicken or pork. Cook the meat until the outside is cooked.


  • As the meat cooks, shred some basil leaves and red chillies and place aside for garnishing once the curry is done.


  • The next step would be to add the palm sugar on the side of the wok and let it melt into the mixture. Afterwards, add the kaffir lime leaves and the fish sauce and stir.


  • Keep stirring until the ingredients in the wok are combined then throw in the fresh basil leaves.


  • Serve it garnished with the two tablespoons of coconut milk and shredded chillies and basil leaves.

If you follow the steps above, I am certain that you can create a Panang Curry dish for your family at home. Yet, you can always enjoy the best and authentic Panang Curry dish at Thai Square, the finest Thai restaurant in London. Our chefs passionately prepare with the fresh Thai ingredients imported directly from Thailand.

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