Cocktails at Thai Square

Whoever said that taking a sip of your cocktail will immediately eliminate all your ordeals was indeed true in identifying its functions. One of the best Islington restaurants in the town, Thai Square is sure to impress you with their all-round menu of cocktails that require transparent knowledge of Thai culinary and techniques to come into existence. Here is a list of cocktails available at the Thai Square.

Champagne cocktails

This category offers five distinct varieties of flavors that consist of Berry Mango Bellini, Elderflower Fizz, Kir Royale and others topped with champagne; the solitary characteristic is derived from the unique blend of fruits like mango puree, strawberry slush, mint and fresh lime with some of the most celebrated names including Malibu liqueur, Absolut vodka, and Havana Club. The mix is so smooth yet gripping that one sip of it will render you as acquainted with the slice of heaven. A

Long drink cocktails

Hailed as the party starter, the Long Drink cocktails of Thai Square are making a buzz around the town and for all the right reasons. With a list of 8 different varieties that consist including the highly recommended Mai Tai (a mix of rum, dark rum, amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine), Singapore Sling (an amalgamation of Gin, strawberry liqueur, lemon juice, soda and grenadine) and Pina Colada (Rum, Malibu, coconut cream, pineapple juice and syrup), this section of cocktails is something you can never get enough of. The most intriguing part of these cocktails are the innovations that have been engaged to curate them; they contain the essence and versatility of Thailand mixed in equal proportions with alcohol that have secured their spot permanently in almost all countries in the world.

Short Drink Cocktails

The short cocktails too, like their contemporary, have a wide canvas of colors and ingredients to offer to its customers. The fundamental requirement of the short drink cocktails is well-maintained, opening its door for an impeccable balance between the optimum quantities of alcohol and fruity beverages or soda. Additionally, this range welcomes drinkers from all levels; you are bound to find a cocktail here irrespective of your drinking capability. You can try the Classic Martini Cocktail that has gin or vodka and martini shaken well along with ice and served with olives on top, the Phuket Blue Sea which has been fabricated with Bacardi, Malibu, Curacao, lime and syrup and served after shaking with some lychee juice, or Strawberry Daiquiri made from white rum, strawberry liqueur, fresh strawberries, lime juice and syrup along with the regular recourses of Absolut Lemongrass, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Caipirinha and mojito.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

If you are not someone who prefer alcohol in cocktails but still want to enjoy the flavors that they are meant to offer, then this section of the menu would be the most suitable for you. Mostly punched with soda and fresh fruit juices, these too have an appeal of their own. Some of the Thai Square’s bestsellers are their Day tripper that is a generous combination of lychee and raspberry filled with passion fruit juice and lychee juice, Virgin Pina Colada formed with coconut cream and mixed with pineapple juice, fresh lemon and syrup and Siam Ta-Krai which is an emulsification of fresh raspberry, lemongrass and cranberry juice. Apart from these three, you can also avail Day Tripper, Lychee tea, and Passionradise.

There are primarily two things that set the cocktails at Thai Square apart from the rest and they are their invariable expertise that has been implemented in their mechanisms of making a cocktail in true Thai style and the eccentric names which are sure to remain etched in your mind after having cast a glance on them. One look at the menu and you will know exactly what you want at their premium Thai restaurant.

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