An interesting secret about Thai ingredients used in the best Thai restaurant in London

There are good reasons why more people are eating at the best Thailand restaurant London offers. While most people simply dine in a Thai restaurant for the delicious Thai dishes, they are actually beneficial for your health. As a matter of fact, the health benefits of Thai ingredients are something you should think about when you are enjoying your Thai dishes in the finest Thai restaurant in London.

In this article, you will get a chance to find out the secret to the health benefits found in some common ingredients used in creating delectable Thai dishes at one of the great restaurants near Trafalgar Square, Thai Square.

Galangal: A lesser-known ingredient, but one that is used in many Thai dishes, Galangal helps reduce the feeling of being bloated and provides a calming effect on the digestive system. For those who suffer from stomach ulcers, Galangal has plenty of anti-bacterial qualities that makes your meal at Thai restaurant more beneficial. It also has plenty of iron for those who do not consume sufficient meat.

Ginger: Ginger is a very common in both Asian and Western dishes. Ginger provides a calming effect to your mental state and works well for those who suffer from anxiety or depression. For those who suffer from a sore throat or cold, ginger also makes an excellent tonic that also soothes the digestive system. Ginger has many excellent benefits and makes for a delicious addition to your Thai meals.

Kaffir Lime Leaves: A native ingredient commonly found in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the leaves are used in many Thai dishes, such as Thai red or green curry, Tom Kha soups, and Tom Yum. The leaves help with digestion and detoxify the body which brings about a healthy, more youthful appearance. The leaves are also beneficial to the teeth and gums which makes them one of the best ingredients in making Thai food.

Lemongrass: Used to tone down the strong, spicy flavours in many Thai dishes, lemongrass is known to have many excellent health benefits, starting with aiding the digestive process. The antioxidants found in lemongrass also help fight inflammation, illness, and ailments and even help to better regulate the bladder.
Pandan Leaves: Like galangal, this is not a well-known ingredient, but it does

have plenty of antioxidants, alkaloids, and tannins which provide many excellent benefits to diners. Pandan leaves help boost the immune system, better regulate the bladder, and have proven to be quite effective in providing some relief for those who are suffering from infections or illnesses, thanks to the antibacterial properties in the Pandan Leaves.

It is an interesting knowledge that the ingredients do not merely make the Thai dishes rich in flavours. In fact, they are also greatly beneficial to the health of the people, especially for those who visit the best Thai restaurant in London regularly.

Having learnt about the secrets of these ingredients, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your dining experience at Thai Square more.

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