Things to know about a Wedding Ceremony in Thailand

Well if you happen to be in Bangkok on a usual weekday you would be amazed to witness numerous couples from different nationalities and religious backgrounds tying the knot. Most surprisingly you’ll find that people getting married are not urbanite Thais but a majority of them as foreigners marrying Thais or other foreigners. Now, in case you are wondering as to why a lot of foreigners prefer Thailand to get hitched then probably the chief reason could be the country’s full of romantic appeal offering endless wedding location, honeymoon possibilities for the couple.

It is indeed a fact that Thailand constitutes of all the essential ingredients for a truly stunning and a memorable marriage ceremony. Then of course, not known to many, marriage held in Thailand can also prove to be the most practical decision in case one is looking to legalize his marriage as that marriage in Thailand is globally recognized. So, such a wedding isn’t merely legal in Thailand but in your home country as well.

Now talking of a typical Thai wedding it is a little different from the one that takes place in the west. In northern Thailand the moment the groom-to-be gets off work, the full-on party begins whereas it is more sedate with the bride-to-be who tries to spend maximum time with her parents. The day prior to the wedding is kept for spending with family for both sides. This is the time when the parents from both houses set up their parties with the aid of their family and friends. People have a gala time while they drink, sing and dance along with making the preparations.

The wedding ceremony normally begins at around 8 AM and guests are welcome at any time after this. The entire day is eventful and is a party of cooking, eating, drinking and dancing. One can also expect to witness skimpily-clad dancing girls putting up a show in the afternoon as well. Also, a selected number of guests are invited to the event as most wedding ceremonies are held outside in the garden. Then of course as the evening progresses, people start swaying and singing their hearts out which carries on until about midnight. Subsequently the parents of the groom lend a helping hand to the cook at the bride’s home the next morning. Finally, they gel and bond with all the best friends of the bride’s parents and this way both the families get to know each other and get quite close for the years to come.

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