What are so special about Thai curries?

As a staple dish in Thai cuisine, Thai curries are always one of the most popular dishes in many Thai restaurants, especially in Thai Square, one of the best places to eat in London. You will be surprised by the great variety of Thai curries. And its popularity lies on their tastiness, richness in flavour and several healthy benefits, which are unknown to some of our guests.

Many people wonder about what makes Thai curries, such as the famous Massaman curry, so different from the traditional Indian and other curries. If you want to know more about Thai curries, this article is here to show you that why Thai curries are so unique and distinctive.

Best of All Worlds

Thai cuisine is a harmonious combination of both Eastern and Western influences. It is easy to notice that some Thai dishes resemble the elements of other cuisines. Some of the Thai spices are originated from other countries, and have been embraced into Thai cooking. This gives Thai dishes a distinctive flavour that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Thai curries are one of the prominent examples.

Strong Flavour

Curry dishes differ in different countries, and Thai curries are characterised by its richness in flavour. To make a Thai curry dish, you can always expect that there are great amount of fresh herbs and spices added to it. And the combination of these ingredients gives the dish a bold and strong flavour that cannot be replicated by other types of curries. For example, lemongrass, Galangal and Shrimp paste are the common ingredients found in Thai curries. They enhance the flavour of the curry dishes, and yet, they are rarely used in other cuisines.

I would highly recommend you to try out the flavoursome Thai curries dishes, such as Massaman Curry, when you visit the best Thai restaurant in London.

Fresh Ingredients

An interesting characteristic of Thai curries is that they are made of fresh ingredients only. Contrary to the Indian cooking, Thai restaurant prefers to use fresh herbs and spices to make the curry dishes, including fresh chillies and roots. Hence, you will find that the base for Thai curries is a paste, rather than dry spices. And its cooking time is comparatively shorter.


Are you curious about why Thai curries look different from one another? Well, the answer is the chilies used in making the curries. Thai people use different kinds of chilies to make their own Thai curries, and therefore, the colours of the curry pastes are different as well. This is why Thai green curry is green in colour, while Thai red curry is in red.


Spicy food in general is popular in Asian countries such as Thailand. You will notice that lots of chillies and peppers are used as ingredients in Thai cooking. They are delicious and make the curries in Thai restaurant tastier. These chillies and peppers also provide the dishes with a boost that is unique and
enjoyable. The spiciness is one of the most unique and appreciated aspect of these delicious curry dishes.

Health benefits

It is a surprising fact that Thai curries bring different health benefits. For instance, the spices used in making Thai curries help the blood circulation which helps to rid the body of toxins through the process of sweating. This means that the initial sense of heat you feel helps the body to rid itself of unwanted toxins. So, here is another reason motivating you to order Thai curries when you next visit the best Thai restaurant in London.

Now you can understand why ordering Thai curries is a must when you visit a Thai restaurant. If you are looking for restaurants to dine with your friends and family, you should visit Thai Square Restaurant. Of all places to eat in London, this is where you should visit for the best authentic Thai curries, like Massaman curry. Reserve your table now and remember to order some of our finest and flavoursome Thai curries.

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