Thai Square at Putney Bridge

If you are looking to satiate the long-due cravings of your taste buds with authentic Thai food in the heart of London, then the Thai Square cannot be given a miss under any circumstance. For years, this spot has been hailed as one of the best and pocket-friendly destinations for Thai food by both the locals and visitors. There is a predominant essence that attracts guests to the Thai restaurant; starting from the exemplary culture to solitary ways of welcoming guests and serving them with their finest delicacies; they all add up to create a distinctive ambience which has been tightly restricted within that open space. Therefore, all you have to do on your part is head to Thai Square, order your favourite dish or go by the chef’s recommendation and sit back to seep in every bit of the lively atmosphere of the Putney Bridge area.

One of the best Putney restaurants, Thai Square will assure you to serve their dishes packed with secret spices; only one spoon of which is enough to transfer you to the mystical streets of Thailand. Besides, the surroundings render the Thai Square as all the more addictive; the majestic view of the Thames along with the smooth play of natural and artificial light in the evening has made placed it in the list of the top 5 restaurants in the country. At the eatery, you will be furnished with the recourse to opt for outdoor sitting along with the patio, and these two characteristics when fused on the Boat Race day, can be declared as the pioneer.

There is a wide array of edibles to choose from when you are at the Thai Square, including the mouth-watering appetizers to the fulfilling deserts; all have been strategically curated under one menu. Grilled scallops served with Garlic Butter and peppercorn is their bestseller. Furthermore, the duck salad here has a definitive flavour different from everything you have tasted so far; it is fused with the sweet, tropical fruit named Logan which when consumed, erupts like a bomb of taste in your mouth. The main courses include the Grilled Black Cod, Lamb rack with basil and some other undeniable dishes such as Soft Shell Crab served with mango and Long-celebrated beef salad.

The most celebrated afternoon tea is a weekend special when the number of guests automatically swells up, and in order to justify this demand, the team will strive to impress with the best of their services. However, the food is not the only scintillating factor; the unique Thai artefacts along with the music will inculcate a soothing feel like no other. Additionally, if you are willing to capitalize on some of the most flavorful cocktails, then a team of the best bartenders is ready to suffice all your needs right at the ground floor. While you are waiting for your food to arrive at the table, take a tour of the whole place to get acquainted with the terms of the bona fide Thai.

You will be glad to know that with a total capacity of 190 seats, the Thai Square at Putney Bridge is the proud winner of two of the prestigious honour for their standout architecture by the Royal Institute of Architecture, Wandsworth Corporation and the American Institute of architecture, thus proving its all-round brilliance. If you are looking to cut off from the regular hustle for some time and enjoy the best restaurant deals in London, then the Thai Square is your supreme escape!

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