Tom Yum Goong- a mouthwatering Thai recipe

Thai tom yum goong is the most liked and favorite among all Thai foods and of course the best soups throughout the world.

Flavors of fresh lime juice, galangal, thai chilies, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, is what you will cherish most in tom yum goong. When all these flavors are amalgamated to prepare a healthy soup that will light up your taste buds.

In case you want to cook a healthy and yummy soup, try to make this tom yum soup.

Well there are two versions of Tom Yum Soup, which are discussed below:

In case you like to have tom yum soup, you may perhaps know two unique varieties of the dish. Tom Yum Goong Nam Sai is tom yum with shrimp in a soup, whereas tom yum goong nam khon is the creamy milky version. Most of the people think that tom yum is prepared of creamy coconut milk, however, actually it is nom kream tiam which is canned evaporated milk rather than sweetened dense milk.

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In this recipe of tom yum, you will come to know how to prepare both styles of recipes relying upon which method you liked most (both these recipes are common in Thailand).

Either use freshwater shrimp or Goong Mae Nam

Goong or shrimp is a standout amongst the most famous things to make this soup with, however, you can additionally decide to make tom yum by adding a mix of seafood, for example, fish, squid or even with chicken.

Prior preparing this recipe you can go to market and search for some nice supply of freshwater shrimp of Goong Mae Nam. In case you didn’t get that, then you can use any sort of shrimp or other meat of your taste.


Essential Tom Yum Ingredients:

The most necessary ingredients for tom yum recipe are the mixture of these Thai herbs:

• Lemongrass

• Galangal

• Kaffir lime leaves


This amalgamation of Thai ingredients is what actually gives tom yum its flavor. Keep in mind that your dish will be incomplete without these flavors. Albeit, other ingredients are even important, mainly sweet white onions, Thai chilies, lime juice, mushrooms, fish sauce, cilantro, sugar and tomatoes.

Ingredients can vary greatly, it is essential to make modification in the amount used to get the ideal flavor balance in every dish. For this reason, do not follow the recipes thoroughly, but instead cook to your taste.

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